We offer additional support to help you maintain the processes that you have developed.

Vendor Management Assistance

Assists you with coordinating and building relationships with the vendors you need or may already have that support your business


Talent/Human Resources Assistance

Assists you in the development of your hiring/firing procedures, pre-screening of candidates, employee and procedure manuals


Marketing Coordinator

Assists in coordinating all the marketing efforts you want for your business such as planning social media campaigns, communicating marketing campaigns to all your marketing partners, managing and planning events, etc.


Executive level Assistance

for Solopreneurs and SBO’s-Executive Assistants serve as Manager for the Solopreneur. They handle everything from calendar management to presentation assistance.



Assists with the financial side of your business.  Your QuickBooks can be hosted and managed here at A Little Assistance; this includes your accounts receivable, accounts payable, monthly reporting.



General Administrative Assistance

Clerical assistance is sometimes needed from time to time or for one particular project.


We're here to help you-A Little Assistance Goes a Long Way!

A Little Assitance offers professional and confidential services that provide creative businesses solutions that best match your business needs. Partnering with an Assistant is a cost-effective alternative to hiring traditional employees which saves you time and money!


We have over 30 years of experience & 10+ years in small business management. Read More

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