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The Understated Value of Hiring A Bookkeeper

Leijun Campbell - Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Small business owners and solopreneurs continue to make up a growing percentage of the American workforce starting companies that create innovate products and services or maintaining the quality goods they have sold to their customers for the past several decades.


If you fall into this category of business owners, you know how hard you have to work to juggle variety of tasks that sometimes may completely be out of your wheelhouse. Finding a local or remote expert such as a bookkeeper, especially in such a frenetic like the middle of tax season (occurring right now if you haven't noticed), can truly help relieve difficult financial management situations. This extra addition to your team can add a third-party, objective perspective that provides incredible value in the end.


Bringing in a bookkeeper has several advantages:


1) Full focus on your business and day-to-day operations: Often when you are the sole owner or even a co-owner, you can get bogged down in every task imaginable such as administrative work, running out to the post office, cleaning the shop if you have a storefront and more. Plus you want to make sure your customers get the bulk of your attention. By the time you reach the end of the day where you begin looking at those financial documents, you want to throw your hands in the air. Learning to delegate your bookkeeping to a trained professional will alleviate this stress and the person you hire will actually save you money.
2) Bookkeepers focus on specific industries: Whether you are a real estate or insurance agency or own a restaurant or retail space, you can find a bookkeeper who specializes in that industry (even though most have a general understanding of most businesses). Since most bookkeepers juggle multiple clients and keep track of the latest trends and updated rules and regulations that you and they need to know to help your business succeed.
3) You have the flexibility to hire a bookkeeper on a contract or full-time basis: Before you begin your search for a bookkeeper, you obviously will look at your overall budget to see what you can afford. However, even you cannot hire someone full-time, do not let your trepidation prevent you from hiring a bookkeeper on a contract basis. These contractors bring in crucial knowledge and analysis for cash balances and expenditures every week or month, allowing you to build a relationship and trust that you may not have even expected. From there, you will gain a wealth of knowledge of your company's financial health that can help you start planning for even further down the road.


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We offer additional support to help you maintain the processes that you have developed. Please visit our Support page for more information.

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